16 & happy

popyaa said:

how did you get your name as ur picture thing at the top and by the way i looovveee all your pictures

i made it on adobe illustrator, & thank u!


teresaoconnor and her kykull + icecream. The ultimate combo #kykullo #beachtowel
Anonymous said:

What are somethings you want

pure, timeless happiness

surfthe-coast said:

oh my gosh I follow you on insta and all of your pictures are so sick! I'm glad I found your blog too!:)

thank u! I love ur tumblr as well



last summer throwback. I’m getting this same feeling again knowing that school is around the corner ….
Anonymous said:

I have a school clique disco rave thing on Monday and I have no idea what to go as!! Everyone's going as cheerleaders and nerds but that's so mainstream

go as a punk, or a pink lady, anything from grease ! get jiggy wit it

dea-del-mare said:

love your blog! you seem like such a happy positive person, i love it :) xx have a good day

thank you! I truly believe that happiness is a choice, so each day I wake up and decide to be happy. works every time!

Anonymous said:

does the goliathing board by donald brink come with a place to put ur leash

if u want a leash hole then u can get one ! (:

barret & I