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Anonymous: Hey🌺 I was wondering where your favorite place to get bathing suits is ! I love your style ! Also I'm looking to buy a board right now I've just been borrowing my friends what do u recommend fiber glass, foam, new, old?

my favorite place to get bikinis is roxy, they have a wide selection of styles. for a board get a Donald Brink surfboard!!!!


Anonymous: Where should I get my first wetsuit from?

get a roxy wetsuit, they’re super comfortable and cute

Anonymous: What's better: chest zip or back zip wetsuits? Thanks!

I personally like a back zip better, it’s more comfortable to me, and it’s easier because I have long hair

Anonymous: how did you sneak in is what im asking you know

well i guess it wasn’t exactly “sneaking in” ! we just passed the sign that said no trespassing lol

Anonymous: How many followers do you have

on tumblr I have 387 followers

Anonymous: how do you get to the salt water pools in laguna beach i tried to go last time i was there but the beach is private?

yes it is a private beach, but we snook in !! :o

Anonymous: where is that black flower dress that you wore in that picture under a pink umbrella from?

it was my moms dress when she was pregnant with me! then I found out it was also my moms older sisters dress when they were pregnant with my cousins! hahaha! I found it & I loved it so now I wear it all the time!